Academic Educational Material

Becker Professional Theology Academy Course Creators with Becker Bible Ministries, Inc will have a first run of 100 books that are 6 x 9 with between 250 -350 pages. The interior paper will be 60# white Lynx opaque that is perfect bound softcover the lamination will be gloss. It will include:


Review of your PDF files

Softcover binding

Standard cover and interior stock

Gloss film laminated full-color cover

Online proof of cover and interior

Wise Folk Publishing will store the books and mail out as classes dictates.


The production time is 6-8 weeks.

Wise Folk Publishing

We publish the books of wise folk authors who live fully, love deeply, care intensely, grieve sparingly, dream vividly, play silly, learn daily, and pray faithfully. We are Christian Publishing that are also dedicated to teaching authors about the business before they get lost in the chaos. Wise Folk Publishing has integrity in our daily lives, in our professional careers, and in our private moments.